3. St. Louis Cardinals

Possession: 4.5

Receptions: 32

PTS: 14.0

4. Detroit Lions

Possession: 3.8 (7th – 10th)

Receptions: 38

PTS: 6.0

5. Indianapolis Colts

Possession: 4.1 (14th – 16th)

Receptions: 39

PTS: 6.0

6. Atlanta Falcons

Possession: 3.5

Receptions: 27

PTS: 9.9

7. Buffalo Bills

Possession: 4.1 (4th – 12th)

Receptions: 36

PTS: 9.7

8. Los Angeles Rams

Possession: 4.5

Receptions: 37

PTS: 4.5

9. New Orleans Saints

Possession: 3.1 (16th – 21st)

Receptions: 43

PTS: 7.3

10. Buffalo Bills

Possession: 4.0 (14th – 16th)

Receptions: 38

11. Cincinnati Bengals

Possession: 4.6 (4th – 16th)

Receptions: 40

PTS and (2) (

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