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The new version of the company is called Blue-Taped, but I’m already looking at the new ones.

The new Red-Tape will look similar to the old one, but in some ways much lighter and cooler, and will probably have more of an emphasis on power and control, rather than having more bells and whistles.

While the original Red-Tape made some improvements, my preference is to have the whole thing run on a laptop, rather than a single computer. (It didn’t run it as well on a second computer I recently sold.)

One big thing blue-taped has going for it is the addition of Bluetooth, which is now available in both white and black or blue (or in “blue-taped light”) modes. That lets you turn ON, OFF, and ON and OFF respectively if you like.
I’m not sure if I’d get all that type of compatibility, but I’m sure I could buy a pair of red-tiered cables for a modest sum. I know I’m paying a little less than $40 a month, and it’ll still be a solid phone, but I feel like this new Blue-Tape is more of an afterthought than anything else.

My review was so strong, I almost want to give it a shot. The blue-taped blue-tape will let you make calls or text while the red-t