2006 nissan micra
2006 nissan micra
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Easy to park! In addition to the compact size of the car, parking sensors help with this. There are also light and weather sensors. In the event of an unexpected hit on the windshield of dirt or water, the wipers work immediately automatically. That …
Externally, the car is quite attractive, good design, streamlined features. Despite outwardly seeming inconsistency, the car is cozy and roomy. Nissan Micra is a very frisky car, although the engine size is small. The car is very comfortable and…
Along with the technical characteristics, the appearance of the car attracted me in the first place: I really wanted a white car (I ordered and waited for this color for about a month); compact, pretty, maneuverable. The car can be parked anywhere. …
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Good day to all. Due to the untimely sale of this car, it remains only to write a review 🙁
So, let’s start in order: my wife initially liked the car, I was so absolutely indifferent to it that it couldn’t be smoother. When the question arose about buying her a car, we drove as always to buy one, but the trade-in parking lot was IT, black, pop-eyed, in the top Luxary configuration and at a very decent price. The condition is close to ideal for a three-year-old car and, as it turned out, bargaining is appropriate even on the trading floors of car dealerships. The result is a discount and the purchase of this car. 2006 nissan micra
– the engine is nimble, but the automatic transmission is a brake
– resembles a TARDIS (TARDIS, for those who are in the subject :)), inside is much larger than outside
– trunk – on the one hand it is missing, but compared to other crumbs it is
– handling is very good, but there are flaws